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set up your own family safety portal

You’ve made a great decision to create a free family safety portal. We hope you’ll love everything we’ll do for you.

In order to build your site, there are a few things you must first do. In a nutshell, you will have to:

1.Click here to create a free Family Watchdog account. If you already have a Family Watchdog login ID, click here to login.

2.Enter the name that you want you site to use. Your visitors will be able to get to your Family Watchdog portal at http://yoursite.familywatchdog.us.

3.Select the colors for your site.

4.Upload your logo or other image.

5.Tell your visitors that your site is available.

That’s it. Just five easy steps to build your own Family Watchdog portal.

Have questions? Email us at c.s@familywatchdog.us and we’ll be happy to help you.